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Today, Friday 23rd January 2015 is the 1st RABIUTH THAANI 1436 in South Africa and in most countries which do not follow the false determination of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, today, Friday 23rd January 2015 is the

3rd Rabiuth Thaani 1436.

Although the moon was only about two or three hours old, the new month of Rabiuth Thaani was declared  two days ago on Saudi Arabia.  The Saudi’s are no longer making a secret of their rejection of the Shariah’s principle of physical sighting(ROOYAT) for determining the commencement of the new Islamic month. 

Some years ago a senior Aalim from South Africa asked the “Grand” Mufti of Saudi Arabia about sighting the moon, he said that the first seven months are not determined by sighting. In his own words he said: “Laysa feeha ahkaam”, i.e. there are no laws of the Shariah pertaining to Rooyat-e-Hilaal (Sighting of the Moon) for the seven months. The sighting, according to him, is restricted to the last five months. 

However, the Saudi claim of genuine physical sighting even during the last five months of the year us most untrustworthy. The Saudi regime is notorious for its cruelty, injustice and tampering with the Shariah to suit its haraam whims and fancies which are tuned to appease the U.S.A. boss and master whose boots have to be licked. 

Those in South Africa who are keen to have unification with Saudi Arabia in beginning Ramadhaan and celebrating Eid, should take note of this huge discrepancy in determining the current month of Rabiuth Thaani. Despite the moon being only about 2 hours old, the Saudi regime, rejecting the Shariah, declared the commencement of the month.

1 Rabiuth Thaani 1436 – 23 January 2015